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It’s April, the month that my original assistantship contract was due to end. And in the seven months I’ve been working here, apparently I’ve managed two blog entries. Ooops.

(I will use my broken laptop as my main excuse… HP France, we are not and will never be friends..)

Annecy last weekend in all its glory 🙂

Anyway, after the ridiculous winter months of frozen temperatures and a whole lot of snow, Lyon is back in the sunshine again and pretty as ever. I have become way too attached to my new home and therefore have decided to stay for as long as possible; I received the good news this week that I’ve been accepted for a job about 30 minutes out of Lyon, so I can stay put for the time being. What’s more, the commute is nothing compared to my current 1h30, I am a happy lady. So England, I shall be seeing you on September 7th.

We’ve been travelling around quite a lot in the past few months, starting with a sneaky daytrip to Grenoble in February. March began in Prague with some of the English massive, moved to England (back to Derbados which was fabulous) and then back to Lyon again. April started with Barcelona (still not sure how I feel about octopus), continued with Annecy and will finish with Nice for the Easter holidays. I am officially a student bum. I need to make the most of my 12-hour working week before I’m thrown into my 35-hour shift work in June. I imagine my impression of Lyon is going to alter slightly. Lol.

I’m currently getting ready to say bye to my students – some of whom I will miss… and, needless to say, some of whom I definitely won’t… you know who you are you little ratbags. I have two favourite classes, both 1ère (age 16-17ish), one of which is really strong at English (so all the students love my ridiculous banter, especially if it’s a story about something my dad has accidentally done lol sorry dad), and the other of whom are completely useless at English, but equally hilarious and adorable. My contract finishes here now at the end of May, and whilst I never want to plan another lesson EVER again, I will be sad to walk out past the palm trees to the Michael-Jackson themed-bell for the last time… Yeah…

I’ll be staying in my flat for the rest of the summer (I hope!); in fact things at the flat are good. Well, it’s still falling apart, but I finally know more than 3 people in the building. My English friends are all soon to leave (BOO 😦 I am going to cry like a baby and keep life-size cardboard cut-outs of all of you in my flat – I already have one of Sunny… ) but my French friends here are doing a good job of  humouring me and my terrible French (honestly though mum, it’s getting better!) They’ve recently taken to night-long battles on the Play station playing Bomberman. Clearly this is what my year abroad is all about.

Anyway, that should probably be enough for now. I’m still at work and I have one class left, it’s Friday and I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to be in the mood for English. On verra…

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